Creative block? Start playing!

Why playtime is important.

Almost every creative has been there, sitting in front of his screen with an empty mind, zero ideas and not knowing what to do about it. Creative block.

Let’s be honest … that sucks – creative block is one of the worst enemies a creative can face in his career but fortunately there are certain ways to overcome it easily.

Solely sitting in front of our screen won’t do us any good. There are just way too many opportunities to hit the delete key and throw our ideas to the trash. 

We don’t know where we get out ideas from, but sure enough not from our laptops.

Whenever you feel uncreative start moving around, do the laundry or just shuffle some cards with your hands. We need to feel like we are doing something with our bodies, however sitting at the desk the whole day just robs us this feeling and therefore kills us and our work.

Find a way to integrate your body into your creative work!

Start bringing back analog tools into your creative process, start drawing random stuff, do handicrafts, glue things together. 

Make it feel like playtime and let your creativity be sparked by it.

„When I am stuck … I just search for excitement, but not too hard. It is when I find myself playing more than trying that I find my way out of a block.“
– Aris Moore

Stay away from your screen as long as possible. Once you start getting your ideas you can move over to your computer, but if you lose the momentum go back to your analogs and start over. Computers are really good for editing our ideas and getting them out in the world, but we don’t get our ideas from them.

In short, get away from your screen. Start moving around. Start playing. Start getting ideas and share them with the world.

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