Joboo Branding

Niklas Beab Joboo Branding Post Image

Joboo Branding I had the opportunity to participate in a pitch for the branding of the start up “Joboo”.Following the approach of a brand mascot which results from the last two o’s of the name. Unfortunately I did not take the first place with this pitch. Joboo is the fastest growing job exchange in Germany. […]

Stativate App Branding

Niklas Beab Stativate Branding Post Image

I had the opportunity to set up a branding project for Stativate, an application by RKNN GmbH.

Stativate structures unfiltered information and puts it into a comprehensible context.

Kraus Rebranding

A stack of rebranded Kraus business cards © All rights reserved to Niklas Beab - Brand & Graphic Design

From the classic village bakery to a modern indie cafe in the cities.

Creation Park

Niklas Beab Braun Speaker 3D Design

Freetime projects, R+D playground and everything inbetween.