Design Process

Each of my projects is shaped by my underlying design process.

Research, creative strategy, design and implementation.


I study the current market situation, the competitors in the same and similar markets and in which direction the market will develop in the next 5 to 10 years.

Together we look at the strongest competitors in the market to determine how we can best differentiate your company from them and put it into an independent context.

In the first meeting I discuss with you in which direction you want your company to develop in order to future-proof the work. We then discuss your view on design so that I can accurately and helpfully share my knowledge with you if you have any questions.

Creative strategy

From the observed results of the research phase we draw up a clear plan that shows us what needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

From this follows a creative briefing that requires your approval to ensure that the creative interpretation does not go wrong in the next phase. Furthermore, the creative briefing is also used as a benchmark to which any design decision can be tied back to.

A typical briefing includes an introduction to your company, the project objectives, the industry context including the different target groups involved and where you see your brand in the years to come.


The design time depends on the size of the project. I spend a lot of time exploring many different ideas, while I usually present one or two concepts. Many presentable concepts need much more time and it is rare that a client wants to spend more.
It is also not uncommon to present only one concept when the creative strategy is very clear and approved.

For discussion I present a PDF file which contains all CI Guideline elements. (Logo, colours, typography, graphic elements)
Through mock-ups I show you how your new logo and design elements will look like in context, for example on signs, letterheads, business cards or social media profiles.

Your considerations are necessary how everything is in line with the project goals. There is always some room for revisions as long as they are driven by the creative strategy.


I want to make the implementation of the project as efficient as possible. If your company has multiple locations, I can prepare identity guidelines for the distribution and ensure a uniform appearance at each location.

It is important for me to be approachable for my clients even after a project is over, for example if they are not sure about the implementation of the new brand image. Furthermore, I can act as a brand guardian for them and check the work of the in-house design team or act as an in-house designer until a team is formed.